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Jakarta The capital of Indonesia

The capital of Indonesia, Jakarta is the center of government, commerce and industry. Because of its starategic location on the shore of Java sea, for centuries Jakarta has been a meeting point for the different races, cultures and tradition of the hundreds of ethnic groups that compose Indonesia. In the city, centuries-old traditions live amidst towering modern skyscraper, where a wide range of leisure options and business opportunities lure visitors each year. There’s shopping in the many glittering malls, a unique gastronomics adventure to try, historical sites to visit and natural wonders to explode.
The dynamic capital city has various and modern MICE facilities. It has a total 0f 920,327 sqm of meeting and exhibition hall, 3 millions sqm of shopping malls, 32,552 hotel rooms and 2,011 restaurants. The megapolitan ith population of 9 million is also known for its historical places, cultural heritage, various entertaintment and sport facilities and vibrant night life. All of those giving a range of interesting destinations after conferences or for incentive program. Jakarta keeps on developing and infrastructures in order to attract  the worlds attention to hold some international events. In this way, it is obvious that the government is trying to develop Jakarta equal to other big cities in the word. 

Jakarta has its own Betawi culture, which this influences reached the city shores over the centuries. A long process of selectively borrowing and uniquely blending Chinese, Arabian, Portuguese, and Dutch elements with native ingenuity has produces the colorful face of genuine Jakarta.


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