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Lake Ranau (South Sumatera)

Lake Rana ( South Sumatra )
There is no doubt about The beauty of Lake Ranau. Lake Ranau is the largest and most beautiful lake in South Sumatra, located in District Appeal Court, District OKU Selatan (formerly included in the area Ogan Komering Ulu). Located approximately 342 kilometers (km) from the city of Palembang, 130 km from the City Baturaja, and 50 km from Muara Dua, the capital of OKU Selatan. Meanwhile, from Bandar Lampung, this lake can be taken through Bukit Kemuning and Liwa.

Geographically, the lake is located in the border district OKU Selatan, Province of South Sumatra and West Lampung District, Lampung Province Lake Ranau which has an area of about 8 × 16 km with the background of Mount Seminung (altitude of ± 1880 m asl), surrounded by hills and valleys . At night, cool air and during the sunny day temperatures range between 20 ° -26 ° Celsius. Located on the position of 4 ° 51'45 "longitude south and 103 ° 55'50" East Longitude.

In theory, the lake was created from the massive earthquake and volcanic eruptions of the volcano that makes the hollow large. Major rivers that formerly flowed at the foot of the volcano became the principal water source that fills the hollow.

Over time, a large hole was filled with water. Then, around that new lake, starting overgrown with various plants, including bush plants and called Ranau by the local people. Therefore, the lake was named Lake Ranau. The rest of the volcano has now become Mount Seminung who stood firm on the edge of the clear lake water.

On the other side at the foot of Mount Seminung, there are natural hot springs that come out of the bottom of the lake. In the vicinity of the lake can also be found Waterfall Subik. Another place of interest to visit is the island of Marisa is located not far from the hot water.

image taken from : cyberwoman.cbn.net.id


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