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Semenanjung Totok – North Sulawesi

Semenanjung Totok
Buyat Bay and marine areas in the region entering Ratatotok Southeast Minahassa diving has become a new spot that has a beautiful sea panorama with a long stretch of sand.
Indeed, still few people who visit Buyat Bay and surrounding areas for new diving area, because is not officially promoted in tourist brochures, printed on a map let alone diving and Internet sites. In a way, not many people realize the beauty of coral reefs in this place is really fascinating.
This area does have proudly the best reefs of Indonesia and in the world.  Semenanjung Ratatotok aka Tanjung Ratatotok aka Tanjung Totok length about 3.4 miles heading east. Along the shores of this headland there fringing reef and at the end of the promontory there was a separate section, like the island called Pulau Putus-Putus.
In the meantime, that separates the tip of the cape called the Great Strait. This is where the beauty of coral reefs can be clearly evidenced through snorkeling.
Great Strait in Semenanjung Totok, precisely separates Putus-Putus island at the end. The Bottom of island topography is relatively flat water, with a maximum depth of about 15 meters. That strait separates the waters of the Teluk Totok with Maluku Sea about 100 meters wide.
When we snorkeling at these locations, we will find reef ball (round artificial reefs) which had been overgrown with coral and algae, filter feeders and plants that make this location very beautiful and interesting. A number of reef ball has become a large moray eel habitats. In addition to reef ball, a lot of juvenile fish is found, i.e. the type of reef fish and a puffer boxfish.
Only with a snorkeling course, the beauty of the underwater world Semenanjung Totok can be seen clearly. Especially if you dare to penetrate more into the back. For divers, this site has a distance of 15-20 meters, the temperature of 26-32 degrees Celsius, depth of 15 meters, and flow from moderate to strong.
Meanwhile, the type is drift diving (the flow) is appropriate at 07.00 am to 11:00 noon. Diving season in this place is throughout the year with a best time in November to May. To reach these Semenanjung Totok, divers can take a boat from the Lakban harbor.

So, if you’re dive hobbyist, do not hesitate anymore to pumping your adrenaline at Semenanjung Totok. You will see the beauty of Sulawesi underwater, which is very charming, colorful, and make you amazed with the great work of God's creation.


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