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Tanjung Bira – South Sulawesi

Tanjung Bira
For the traveler who often go to various tourist places, Tanjung Bira probably familiar in their minds. Tanjung Bira is a white sand beach that is popular in South Sulawesi. These include clean, neat, and clear seawater coastal beaches. The beauty and comfort of this beach very fame to foreign countries. Foreign tourists from many countries visited this place for a vacation.

Tanjung Bira has several features that can be enjoyed with the naked eyes. Tanjung Bira beach is very beautiful and stunning with soft white sand like flour. At this location, visitors can swim, sunbathing, diving and snorkeling. The visitors can also sees the sunrise and sunset in a similar position, and can enjoy the beauty of two islands in front of this beach,  Liukang Island and Kambing Island.

Tanjung Bira located in the southernmost tip of South Sulawesi province, precisely in the Bonto Bahari District, Bulukumba District. This beautiful place is located about 40 km from the City of Feather Water Bearer, or 200 km from Makassar City. The journey from the Bulukumba city of Makassar City can be reached by using public transportation. Furthermore, from the City of Bulukumba to Tanjung Bira can be reach by using public transportation. Total travel time from the City of Makassar to Tanjung Bira approximately 3.5 hours.

Tourist area of Tanjung Bira beach is equipped with various facilities, such as restaurants, lodging, villas, bungalows, and hotels with very affordable rates. In this place there are also rental diving and snorkeling equipment. For visitors who completed a swim at the beach, there are public bathrooms and fresh water to clean the sand and sea water that is still clinging to the body. For visitors who want to tour around beaches, bike rentals are also available with low rates. In coastal areas there are also ferry ports that are ready to take visitors who want to travel to the underwater tourism of Selayar island.


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