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Way Kambas National Park Lampung, Sumatra

Way Kambas National Park (TNWK) located on the north Lampung is synonymous with the elephant, although the fact that the national park is where endangered species live, like a rhinoceros, Sumatran tigers and other endangered animals. National Park which was established as a national park by the Ministry of Forestry is a national park that is well known to foreign countries. Way Kambas National Park has an area of 125,621.3 hectares and is located in the Regency. East Lampung and Central Lampung District, Lampung Province.

On the Way Kambas National Park, we can enjoy the attractions of trained elephants. We can see attractions of dancing  elephant, shaking elephant to the accompaniment of music, elephant soccer that quite popular among local tourists, put flowers, shaking hands, and swim. If not, we can ride these elephants,but of course we have to pay some money.

The elephants in national parks is not in the real wild life because they are all in the training of elephants. The elephants are still wild tamed and trained at the Center Way Kambas Elephant Training. This training center was established to overcome the problem of wild elephants are driven life because their habitat is used for agricultural fields.

In addition to the elephant training center, Way Kambas National Park has a Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary (SRS) which is the only place where wildlife breeding Sumatran rhinos in Indonesia. In fact, SRS is the only location where the developer of Sumatran rhino breeding in semi-natural in Asia or perhaps the world. But nature tourism visits in SRS is limited due to research and development of sumateran rhino.

Also, if interested we can around the National Park elephant riding, do not worry because the elephant - the elephant was trained. Um, can imagine the sensation that we can get to ride the largest land mammal? If lucky, we can also find a variety of wildlife inhabitants of Way Kambas National Park.
And another thing, in the Way Kambas National Park are also available food stalls selling different food and drinks and of course souvenir as a sign of our adventures in Way Kambas.
With all the grandeur and charm that is, only natural that many people from all over insert Way Kambas as places to visit in his life.

images take from : wikipedia


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