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Mutun beach, Lampung Indonesia

Lampung has many tourist destinations where one of the potential for capturing many tourists is the beach tourism. Call it like white sand beaches and coastal KALIANDA the favorite locations of domestic tourists and it’s always a busy place and surrounding residents on weekends or during the holiday season arrives.

In addition to these two beaches, there are many really beach - the beach is relatively virgin no less beautiful than KALIANDA beaches and white sand beaches. One of them is located in Mutun coast ,not far from the center of Bandar Lampung. Only takes around 20 - 30 minutes to reach this beach by car or motorbike. Moreover, the royal road to this area fairly smooth. Scenery along the road to the mutun beach is also good to pass up. The beauty of green trees, fields and mountains can be enjoyed throughout the journey.

To enter the Coast Mutun,it’s charged Rp. 2500, - per person and Rp. 5000, - for the car.
After parking places provided, we can enjoy the beach atmosphere by sitting in the cabin that can be rented for a rest. The atmosphere of the beach while the weekends are very crowded, many people who enjoy the beach by swimming, for who cannot swim can rent a tire / buoy or doing water sports like canoeing. With rental costs around Rp 10 thousand - Rp20 thousand per canoe, we can enjoy this sport for an hour. Many are also among the visitors who snorkeling at sea around the coast.

If we want to enjoy the beach and the sea far cleaner  from the beach Mutun, we can cross to the small island opposite the beach called the island Tangkil. To reach the island's,there are many available boats that ready to take us, only with Rp. 5000, - we will be delivered back off the Islands. Arriving on the island Tangkil, we can ask the owner of the boat to pick us back in time that we set.
Tangkil island atmosphere is much more beautiful than Mutun beach, the beach is cleaner and the atmosphere is not crowded so that we can feel it more comfortable for swimming or just walking around the beach on the island. But be careful if you want to swim here, because in some places there are many sea urchins and you could be trampled. On the island there are also cabins that can be rented for a rest. And, in the middle of the island located to conduct outbound games.

If we want to visit the Mutun beach on the holiday, we should have left since the morning, if it’s not  it might be already full of visitors there.


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